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Don’t be like Frankenbob and scuffle around with worn out clothes. Browse through our brand new merchandise and find exclusive shirts and hoodies, hot coffee mugs, vegan cotton bags, sporty gymsacs and much more!

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No Rage Quits ever again

Free yourself from unnecessary losses and rage quits in your favorite games with a Chipmonk from our Webcomic merchandise! Many years of anger, lack of understanding towards n00bs and slow internet connections were necessary to develop this chill out collection in form of relaxing textiles and handy everyday objects. Find the most comfortable wares on the basis of your needs and make the world a lot more stress-free.

Path of the Chipmonk

Imba DPS inside the china shop

You were facing quite a mess after your last LAN? Save yourself the #kickbanignore, because the new ceramic cups in our Webcomic Merchandise provide the optimal sheathing for your most precious target water. With them you will satisfy any strong thirst for victory and provide the necessary flow in your games.

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Best Print

Spare yourself the horrors of cheap copyshop prints, since here nothing flakes off. getshirts prints directly onto the textile, so that the colors remain colorfast and luminous even after several washes.

Best Resolution

No matter which motive you decide on: The industrious team of getshirts prints every little detail on our new Webcomic merchandise – and that’s to our liking.

Best Price

From a single piece to large runs getshirts prints at fair prices, which we gladly pass on to you. Just have a look in our new merch and let yourself be surprised by the offer.

What is a Webcomic Merchandise?

Let’s go back and look at the term “webcomic” more closely. Webcomics are digital comics that are primarily published via the web. Whether it’s done on a classic website, a comic blog or a large project platform on the internet is completely irrelevant. Important is the (final) artwork or basic digital creation of the comic, so that at the end an optimized web view of the comic is created.

Normally, comics are created for printing at 300 dpi (dots per inch) and in CMYK color mode (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), but for web comics 72 ppi (pixels per inch) and the RGB color space are the standard representation on monitors and others displays such as smartphones, phablets and tablets.

Webcomics and web comic merchandise articles are created using different tools. In addition to the classic crafting materials on the PC like mouse and keyboard, special graphics tablets offer probably the most comfortable handling in the creation. These devices offer a special pen that allowes the user to draw on them like on a sheet of paper, while the work is displayed on a monitor or whatever output device is connected at the time. High-quality graphic displays offer the user a pen as well, but in addition to that it is now possible to draw directly on the display.

With the software however it looks a little trickier. Here you can find the right program between free and paid offers. Adobe’s most popular design packages include Photoshop and Illustrator. In second place of the software rankings GIMP stands as a free graphic tool for the computer. This is followed by apps like MediBang Paint Pro, Krita or Inkscape.

But you can also let off steam artistically on your smartphone or tablet: Tayasui Sketches, Pigment, SketchBook Express, Drawing Pad, Inspire Pro, SketchBook, ProCreate, Concepts, Paper, Linea, Comic Draw, ArtStudio and Brushes Redux can be downloaded for iPhone (in app Store) and for Android devices (in the Google Play Store) and ,after a short learning phase, can be used for web comics including the variety of useful effects.

Currently it is not known at what exact time the first web comic was created. The most far-reaching research, however, refers to the web comic “Argon Zark!” By Charley Parker, who became known as a cartoonist and website designer. His web comic first appeared in June 1995.

Many web comics are offered for free on the internet because their authors are more active as hobby artists or sign makers. Particularly eye-catching works are finding their way to crowdfunding campaigns, where new or selected web comics for further releases (including limited editions) may be sponsored by fans.

Further ways of a web comic can be targeted merchandise articles. And here we finally arrived at the actual topic. Coarsely, the web comic merchandise includes mugs and different t-shirt designs. But also sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, backpacks, bags, towels and many other things can be printed and collected with webcomic content (eg mascots, illustrations, sketches or scribbles). In order to be able to finally buy all this stuff, a web comic merchandise shop is needed.

In Germany there are two large providers, including our favorite one-man business getshirts. In addition to a convincing print quality, fair partner conditions, friendly communication and humane shipping costs should also be in your focus. The constant availability of an online shop is in any case a basic requirement.

If you still have to decide between several web comic merchandise shops at the end of the day, you may be able to achieve your goal with a final SEO test. Make a list of the most important search terms and phrases for your articles in the web comic merchandise and pay attention to the respective search engine results. The provider with the best rankings in the search engines (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, DuckDuckGo, etc.) should make your choice easier.

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